Cyprus: A personal plan

Where you choose to build your life is as important as any business decision you’ll ever make.

This is especially true if you’re considering relocating to a foreign country. Major changes in language, weather and culture will impact your personal life and the life of your family at their core.
We’ve been helping businesses make this transition for over 40 years, as professional advisors, but also as people with a stake in our clients’ well being. Four decades in, we’ve seen many of our Cyprus-based clients grow into Cyprus-based families.

Today, as our business-friendly country transforms itself into a vibrant and cosmopolitan business hub, we can recommend Cyprus more than ever not just as a business plan, but as a personal plan.

Southern Mediterranean 2.0

The biggest change you may experience when you move to Cyprus is realising that Cyprus isn’t quite the change you thought it would be.

For one, most Cypriots in major urban areas speak English. In the workplace, nearly all Cypriots speak English, most very well. So communication won’t be an obstacle at all.
While Cyprus is at the eastern fringe of Europe and has preserved a traditional culture spanning millennia, it has also embraced change. High speed broadband Internet networks cover most of the island, private medicine is comparable to the rest of Europe and education has gone global.
There are a growing number of English-speaking universities, for instance, and many private elementary and high schools where English is the primary language. Besides that, Cyprus has a vibrant local arts scene and has been earning a growing reputation as a contemporary gastro destination.


Maybe the single most attractive thing about setting up a business in Cyprus is simply being in Cyprus.

Cyprus offers unlimited business opportunities and a thriving economy, but without the daily grind of long commutes and an anonymous corporate culture. In Cyprus, business still has a face, and personal relationships count.


With over 300 days of sun and the beach only minutes away wherever you are, when you work in Cyprus, you’re gaining two of life’s most important value-added benefits: a healthy, low-stress working environment and a gorgeous Mediterranean island to explore in your free time. If you’re bringing a family, or plan on starting a family, Cyprus is also a country with hardly any crime, making it the ideal place to raise your children.

From Gateway to International Business Hub

Because of its unique position in between the East and West, Cyprus has always been a natural gateway to markets both in Europe and the Middle and Far East.

But Cyprus is also one of the most business-friendly countries in the EU. With a suite of special government incentives that make setting up a business in the country as easy and attractive as possible, Cyprus has recently gone from gateway to international business hub.


Cyprus’ unique incentives for new businesses include a low 12.5% corporate tax rate, a robust network of Double Tax Treaties with over 60 countries, notional interest deduction, tax optimisation for intellectual property (IP), and tax relief for start-ups.

Cyprus’ business-friendly tax laws have also made it the ideal destination for high-net-worth individuals seeking European citizenship through investment. With the proper legal assistance, investors can gain Cypriot citizenship, and all the benefits attached to it, within months.


Finally, Cyprus is a Point of Single Contact country, which cuts down significantly on the bureaucracy and time usually needed to start a new business. This explains why, since August 2017, over 214,000 new companies were registered in Cyprus. Amazingly, 1,000 new businesses open their doors in Cyprus every month.

With over 40 successful years of service to the international business community, Eliades & Partners is today considered one of the most distinguished commercial law firms in Cyprus and provides a multi-disciplinary legal, tax and business consultancy service not only to the local market but more so to the broad international community.


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